August 10th, 2007

Old Friend

(Movie) Bobby

I first saw Bobby on the plane earlier this year either going to or returning from Vegas. I thought it was a fantastic film and brought the DVD a few weeks ago. I even cried a little on the plane whilst wayching the end.

This evening I finally got round to watching it again. Still an absolutely fantastic film and yes, once again, I cried a little. A film that makes you cry the second time you see it when you know what's happening has to be more than good. I think it's a great film. Certainly won't be to everyone's tastes but I find it a very moving film which has a lot of very valid meanings in todays America as it did back in the late 60's when the film is set.

The world would almost certainly be a different place if Bobby Kennedy hadn't been assassinated and had beaten Nixon to the White House :(

Now it's time to try and get some shut-eye.