August 17th, 2007

Old Friend

GenCon Day 1 (Part 1)

...or atleast intended as Part 1. I hope to write more later (heh - sure!).

Day 1. Been pretty busy. Feet hurt lots. About to grab some food and then get drunk have a few drinks with Gareth, the Hollow Earth guys and gals, 7th Circle and anyone else who happens to be in the bar (Pullman Lounge at the Crown Plaza is the destination I believe if anyone else in Indy is reading this on Thursday night! :p).

Seen loads of old friends today and really hope to catch up with them (and others) over the next few days some more. It was really nice to see Charles (who I haven't seen in years) and I've also since discovered he's in charge of looking after the 'Next American Superhero' (or whatever the title was) guests which include BIG MOMMA! Must try and get autographs as I know Rosie would really like one and it would be cool to have one too :)

Anyway, about to have a quick shower.

Might catch you guys later if I'm in any state to type! :)