August 24th, 2007

Old Friend

Film Trip - Bourne Ultimatum - Finchley VUE - Saturday 25th August 11.45AM

As the title says really.

Alex, Jasmina and myself are heading to see The Bourne Ultimatum at the North Finchley VUE this Saturday. The film starts at 11.45 am so we'll be aiming to be at the cinema for about 11.35.

If you're free, and fancy the film, please come along and join us.

I hibernated last night. The cold had really kicked in and work sent me home early. I was aiming to get to Nicole's birthday drinks in London but wa not in any fit state to do so (sorry Nicole). Jasmina came over to look after me for a bit and we sat in front of the telly with Dave watching music channels and the wonderful Drawn Together before being joined by Jade.

Tonight I am going to continue to hibernate. On reflection selling the Reading ticket for this weekend seems like a very good thing to have done. Between the way I feel, the weather, and the amount of work I need to do (plus sorting out the bedroom as I can still hardly move in there!) Reading would have been a bad move.

Anyway, work to do. Hope to see some of you tomorrow for the film :)
Old Friend

Sucky Day

One way or another I'm having a sucky day today.

I reckon I'm going straight home - via Tesco's - after work and hibernating for the night so I'm feeling more refreshed and sociable for the cinema tomorrow morning.

I have an unprecedented three days off courtesy of the bank holiday weekend and not going to Reading Festival. Not that I'll be able to relax and enjoy much of it. Have to get my room sorted out and the computers back online at home so I can move forward with a load of projects.

Be good to try and see some people over the weekend though. I know Dave is trying to organise drinks for tomorrow night but I don't think a venue has been confirmed as yet.

I have set myself three main goals for the next seven days. Fingers crossed I succeed in all of them!