September 3rd, 2007


Doctor Who Takes A 'Gap Year'

Doctor Who is taking a 'gap year' between 2008's Season 4 and 2010's Season 5. 2009 will see three Doctor Who *specials* featuring David Tennant and co so the Doc will still be invading our screens!

Tennant has not been confirmed for the 5th Season though - but then it is some time away!

It'll be interesting to see if Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures continue through the 2009 schedule to keep the Whoverse a regular fixture on our screens.

BBC Reveals Doctor Who 'Gap Year' (BBC News Online; Monday 3rd September 2007)

In other news I think I have been infected with a time virus. I keep thinking that I'm in (and writing down on forms) 2008! I've been like this all day!