September 6th, 2007

Punisher Skull

US 'Accidently' Moves Nukes Across Country to Base Used As Mid-East Jump Point...

First off.... ACCIDENTLY????

Now I have known enough friends who have worked in the military to know that for someone to even LOOK at a nuke they have to go through a ton of red tape and paperwork. So how SIX LIVE nukes get ACCIDENTLY transported on a B-52 across the mainland US to an airbase that is being used as a US Jump Point to the Middle East and Iraq Operations without ANYONE knowing about it does kind of stretch the laws of credibility a bit.

There have apparently been over FOUR decades of protocol pretty much forbidding armed nukes to be transported over the US. So it's not like the MISTAKE is an easy one to make all told.

Anyway, some believe this was an operation to move American WMD into the Middle East as a possibly ploy against Iran. Personally, the fact that they have been moved at all 'ACCIDENTLY' or not is incredibly worrying. If it was ACCIDENTAL (and I can't imagine for a moment it could have been) then that is an incredibly severe security breach at the highest level. If it wasn't an accident then they are going to some lengths to claim it was a simple accident and nothing more sinister and I'm sorry but I just can't accept the massive chain of 'mishaps' which would have led to SIX NUCLEAR WEAPONS ending up being loaded onto a B-52 and flown anywhere.

This is really scary stuff. I mean REALLY SCARY.

US B-52 In Nuclear Cargo Blunder (BBC News Online; Wednesday 5th September 2007)

Staging Nukes For Iran? (; Wednesday 5th September 2007) - Thanks to Gareth for that link!
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