September 7th, 2007

Old Friend

You've got to love 'Anon' posters...

After last years posts about the July 7th Anniversary bombings in London and my posts about the Israeli-Lebanese 'War' I kind of expect posts from 'Anon' people if I touch upon a more politically sensitive or 'Liebral' subject/view-point.

Some of the comments I got last year were absolutely classics. I think I was called quite a few things (especially during the commentary on Israel's incursions into Lebanon) and am quite happy being labelled naive 'Liberal European Scum' by people who hind behind the 'Anon' tag.

Anyway, needless to say my last post about the US 'Accidental' Nuclear Transport Flight has produced a number of critical/offensive Anon mails. Now I really don't mind *critical* mails which offer other viewpoints. These are good and can promote discussion. A clever and factual arguement is always helpful and I'm happy to discuss things with people. Unless the other persons views are so set in stone that they won't ever consider they might be wrong (we can all be - it's a human trait). Then it's kind of arguing with a brick wall and I've got better things to do with my time.

Making, or trying to make, offensive comments is another matter though. It's childish for a start and doesn't exactly make me feel inclined to listen to your arguements (of which you actually give none - preferring just to swear at me or otherwise call me names :p). At worst it could also be offensive or threatening which, in many countries, is a criminal offense.

Please don't diminish your own views (however much I don't agree with them or you mine) by resorting to threats, abuse or name calling.

That sort of behaviour isn't acceptable in the schoolyard and whilst the internet is like a big global schoolyard in many ways bullying is still not an acceptable practice.

It might make you feel good about yourself but to be honest I generally ignore anything like that so all you're generally doing is generally reinforcing my opinion that certain followers of certain political viewpoints are generally not that intelligent. Which I know is wrong as I have a number of Right Wing and NeoCon-leaning friends who are highly intelligent people - even if I don't agree with the vast amount of their viewpoints.

Anyway, thanks for reading my Journal in the first place. It's good to know I have readers from all wlaks of life and political leanings!