September 10th, 2007

Old Friend

I've Met My Perfect Wife...

...sadly only in a dream though.

It was a really weird one too.

I was searching for this really old book and a friend of mine told me of this market somewhere in London that 'had everything'. So he took me down there one weekend and it was in this massive old Victorian building (possibly an asylum by the looks of it - but with a lot of big open rooms in). The first room we enetered had the floor covered with mashed ice and dozens of stalls selling all kinds of fish and crustaceans - many of which I didn't recognise (and I doubt were from this planet/plane).

We wandered through the halls, with me trying not to be amazed at all the weird and wonderful things on offer, until we got to a large book stall near one corner. An elderly gentlemen and his daughter were running. My friend went to speak to the older guy as I was left to rummage through the titles. His daughter (in her 20's) came and asked if I needed any help and we started talking and just seemed to really click. She was a teacher during the week and her father owned a number of businesses - including a horse farm in West London.

To cut a long story short - I got the book I wanted, we ended up seeing each other again and found that we really DID get along very well and decided that we'd try and give life a shot, and then these weird giant skeletal things tore a portal in reality and invaded Earth with me and my book being two of only a handful of things that could hold them back.

I enjoy my dreams but sometimes wonder why they can't just be fairly simple Boy Meets Girl type affairs...
To Do....


I want a holiday.

Or atleast a week off work so I can be at home, relax and also get a ton of things sorted that I really need to be doing right now.
Filler Bunny

Music Meme!

Because I hardly do any Memes anymore and this one was to do with live bands so I sorta felt I had too :p

(this edition brought to you via greeba )

Here is how it works.
Copy this list.
Leave in the bands you've seen perform live.
Delete the ones you haven't and add new ones that you have seen until you reach 25.
An asterisk means the previous person had it on their list.
Two asterisks means the last two people who did this before you had that band on their list.

1. Wolfsheim****
2. VNV Nation***
3. Depeche Mode*****
4. Nine Inch Nails*****
5. The Sisters Of Mercy***
6. Covenant***
7. Rotersand**
8. Marilyn Manson***
9. Pop Will Eat Itself*
10. Queens of the Stone Age*
11. Faith No More*
12. Pearl Jam*
13. Orbital*
14. Smashing Pumpkins*
15. Skunk Anansie*
16. Live*
17. Transvision Vamp
18. Muse
19. Carter USM
20. Conjure One
21. Fields of the Nephilim
22. New Model Army (plus also as Raw Melody Men)
23. U2
24. Dresden Dolls
25. Tori Amos
Manga Me

Friday Night : B-Movie Birthday!

Ok Rock N Rollers!

Who's up for coming along to B-Movie's 5th Birthday Bash this Friday night?

I know we currently number crookedmonkey, daver2323 and myself.

I'm sure some of you club bunnies are already going anyway (make yourselves heard!) and I'm up for recruiting/persuading some of the rest of you!

So - who's up for some 80's/Alternative/Goth/Rock cheesey goodness???