September 18th, 2007

Gummi Bear Sex


We were having a dsicussion about musicals* in the shop - trying to convince one of our regulars that they were a *good* thing. We covered a load of classics from Singing in the Rain, Sound of Music, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Rocky Horror Show, West Side Story, The Happiness of the Katakuris, the Elvis and Cliff musicals and so on.

Anyway, we started taking the piss a bit about what musicals there were - things like Countdown: The Musical (where Cliff plays Richard Whitely) and also Deep Throat: The Musical were all the songs are actually gargles.

Anyway, one thing led to another and I have since discovered courtesy of Google that there are at least two Deep Throat-related msuicals out there. One called Lovelace: The Musical (based upon the lead actress of Deep Throat) and the other called Cumalot: The Deep Throat Musical.

I'm at work so haven't followed the links. To be honest even once I'm home I think I'll give them a wide berth.

People scare me sometimes...

* The conversation started when the customer told us that there is an anime coming out(released?) based on the Sound of Music (The Von Trap Family or something...?)
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Manga Me

Clubbage in London...

Ok, Angus needs some new clubs.

I quite like Inferno at The Electric Ballroom on the First Friday of the month but that's about it at present.

I loved B-Movie but won't be going again because I personally don't like the venue. With my love/hate/hate of Slimelight I'm a bit stumped atm although I have considered going and giving it another try and will probably cave in at somepoint only to remember why I dislike it.

I am probably going to give Tarantula at SIN on Charing Cross Road a go when I have a Third Friday free (and I feel awake). I also love the idea of Wrecked - a goth club crusing along the Thames - but the nexts one's this Saturday and I don't know how regular it is in anycase.

So, partygoers, what clubs can you suggest for me?

Requirements are good music, good company and a decent sized dancefloor* and general milling area  being Zone 1 or close to public transport would also be handy!

Music I'd be looking for would be more Industrial/Darkwave/EBM/Indie/80s/Rock/Goth. Please note that pure Metal clubs are not my thing and to be honest I'm not sure if a pure goth club would be these days - especially if it devoted itself to playing the more obscure tracks in the hope of being Gother Than Thou :p

* so this rules out many pub-based clubs and anything in a venue like St Moritz which, whilst I enjoyed lurking there a decade or so ago, is not really a 'club' but more of a narrow hall with a bar.

Old Friend

'Meteor' Crashes in Peru; Hundreds Fall Ill

Interesting story just cropped up on the BBC News site about what is suspected to be a meteor that crashed near a village in Peru over the weekend. Some cattle have died and around 600 people who visited the site have fallen ill - through headaches, vomiting and general nausea after inhaling the gases which are still spewing forth from the crater.

Officials are en route to carry out tests on the site and confirm whether or not the object was in fact a meteor. The meteor is buried in the earth at the bottom of 20ft deep, 98ft wide, crater it formed upon impact.

Scores Ill in Peru 'Meteor' Crash (BBC News Online; Tuesday 18th September 2007)
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