September 24th, 2007

Old Friend

Er...Where Did My Weekend Go...?

ARRGGG!!! Monday morning! ALREADY???

I want my weekend again! Please...?

That's the problem with time at the moment, it just seems to travel quicker than it should. I guess working on Saturday didn't help much as it wasn't a two-day break (but then I rarely have two days off at the weekend anyway so that shouldn't matter).

Anyway, what weekend I actually had was pretty full.

Friday night Sarah and Adam came over and along with Mr Dave we watched the beginning of Angel Season 5 (probably my favourite Angel season). It was nice catching up with them both and the first time Adam had actually come over to Chez Angus or met Dave.

Saturday night saw me wrestle with the train problems (The Northern Line from East Finchley to High Barnet was shut for engineering work) to get to Leicester Square to meet raine135 whom I hadn't seen since Drgaonmeet 2004. We sat in a pub for a couple of hours and caught up (including discovering she had an LJ - hello Emma! :p) before she had to disappear to meet up with her cousin and I pondered going to Slimelight or going home. As it wasn't really late enough to go to Slimes and I didn't fancy hanging round a deserted club for a couple of hour s+ waiting for people to arrive I opted for the cheaper, quieter, option and headed home to Harry Potter.

Sunday was walk-a-thon Part 3 with chaotic_jessy. We'd covered a lot of central London on the last two meanderings and decided for a greener option yesterday - especially as the weather was holding and was really nice. We wandered down to east Finchley where we bumped in dredd_bob and his lovely girlfriend at The White Lion for a quick drink before heading down Bishops Avenue (the houses are disguised as multi-million pound mansions...oh, one day...) and off to Hampstead Heath.

It's really weird but Hampstead Heath is only about 40 minutes walk from my house but I've rarely, if ever, really been there. We used to have Heath Parties at night as teens, but that was more in the hampstead Garden Suburbs end of things as oppsoed to the Heath itself. It's really weird having such a large expanses of woods and fields so close to the city centre. It was great, and peaceful, and lots of walking and talking. We also ended up coming out the far end of the Heath and down near belsize Park. We walked up to Hampstead proper and then, with the ngiht closing in, decided against the 1.30/2hr walk back in favour of a quick tube hop to Golders Green and a bus back home.

Once collapsed and exhausted in the confines of the living room - plus freshly watered - we watched the truly excellent Last King of Scotland about Idi Amin. Wow. That is one very good movie. I can see why it won awards. James McAvoy and Forest Whitaker were brilliant.

Anyway, must get on with some work now. Luckily the rain held off until this morning (and boy did it make up for it this morning!).

Off to my mothers tonight for a last meal before Sister #1 moves to York for a year for Uni.
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(Dr Who) The Sarah Jane Adventures

The Sarah Jane Adventures starts today on BBC1 at 5pm.

If someone has a spare video/DVD please could they record it for me? I'd like to see how it is :)

The promo episode which screened back on New Years Day had a vieweship of over 3 million making it the biggest ever Childrens BBC show. I've seen some of the synopsis for the series and it looks like it could be interesting with some crossovers with the rest of the Whoverse...

The Sarah Jane Adventures

Air date:
Mon, Sep 24 2007 - 17:00
Children's drama series from the makers of Doctor Who, following the adventures of investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith, a former companion to the Doctor. Sarah Jane, Maria, Luke and Clyde discover the monstrous Slitheen are hiding in a school
Children's Show
Elisabeth Sladen, Yasmin Paige, Tommy Knight, Daniel Anthony, Joseph Millson, Juliet Cowan
Junk Baby - Viscous Sydney

(Games) Hentacle

I don't know what it is about Hentacle but we can never keep it in stock. I only place dit on the New Releases site and mailing list this afternoon and I've already sold over a third of remaining stock that _grimtales_ can sell me.

Guess people just love card games about Tentacle Porn...!!! :p