September 29th, 2007

Old Friend

(TV) Bionic Woman 2007

Just finished watching the first episode of NBC's new revision of Bionic Woman. Michelle Ryan (ex-Eastenders) does a very good job - I'd never have imagined it from little Zoe Slater, or for that matter pretty much any Eastenders actor!!

The tv series is a complete reinvention of the original TV series. Now I'll admit I can't remember the original show hardly at all (it ran from 1976-78 in the States) but I've been told that the vast majority of the new and old show have no similarities apart from the core concept and the main characters name (Jamie Sommers).

You can also tell that the series have been reinvented by the same team who reinvented Battlestar Galactica for TV a few years ago. There are several actors who crossover (the most notable being Katee Sackhoff who plays Starbuck in BSG and Sarah Corvis (the original Bionic Woman the military creates) in this series. Mark Sheppard (who plays Anthony Anthros - one of the founders of the project) also appeared in several episodes of BSG but seems like he'll have a much larger role in this series.

My overall impressions of the first episode of the Bionic Woman have been favourable. It hasn't hit me as *wow* as some series but then it's rare for me to go *wow* based upon a single launch episode (Deadwood was a *wow* moment; Firefly wasn't but soon become so after a couple of episodes). I'll certainly keep up with the series for a bit to see how it develops. It certainly got a very big viewship in the States (13.9 million - making it NBC's biggest midweek premier since The West Wing in 1999) so the show has some hope of survival!

US Success As Bionic Woman Debuts (BBC News Online; Friday 28th September 2007)
Gloomy Bear - Munch

Da Dentist

Went to the Dentist and, as I half suspected, the nerve in the tooth that I had quite a bit of treatment on last year is calling it a day and dying.

What this means for me is a trip (or two - depending if I want a two hour session or a couple of one hour sessions) to the dentists next week for some root canal work. Oh, plus £400 for the treatment and then another £500 for the cap in a few months time.

C'est la vie.

Semi-sort of good news (for me anyway) is that I seem to be totally over my fear of dentists and even the thought of injections in my mouth aren't worrying me one bit (the bill on the otherhand...ahem).

I hate injections (I guess it's a mild phobia - they even had it listed down when I had an operation to give me a pill as a ore-med to knock me out before injecting me) but I know it's all psychological. I never had a dental injection until last year (I used to just let them drill without any meds when i was a kid and teen) and when they gave me that they gave me something to numb the area first. Didn't feel a thing. As long as they keep doing that I'll be happy (well as happy as you can be at a dentists anyway!).

Anyway, the pain is a lot less today (my nerve is sleeping) and I'll hopefully have it removed in the next few days.