October 3rd, 2007

Goth Angus

New User Pic in the Spirit of my Goth Posts....

Continuing the spirit of the 'remembering Goth' day I had yesterday I decided to knock up a new User Pic from my old passport photo circa 1992. How they let me get away with wearing dark glasses and having dyed hair on my passport for so long I have no idea but hey - that's Rck n Roll for you :p

Anyway, here is my new User Pic :p

Junk Baby - Viscous Sydney

Brand Licensing Expo Here I Come...

Meeting up with Mr Dominic in a couple of hours to pop into Olympia for the European Brand Licensing Expo. We have a brief meeting there but it'll be interesting to wander around for a bit, see what else is on offer, and trade a few business cards if anything really interesting and achievable is being touted about.

The last six months has been a bit of a rolelrcoaster on several different fronts (personalwise too although I'm mainly talking about businesswise here). It's rather annoying that I can't shout all about it as alot of it is for some really really cool stuff. But like all things in business things can happen that can derail some really good and sound projects. Luckily that has *so far* not happened but there are so many ideas being bounced around it's onyl a matter of time before some of them eitehr fall by the wayside or negotiations/contracts just don't work out.

So it's a policy of not talking about them until the ink has dried and the appropriate announcements are made. Some of these announcements will come a lot quicker than others. Some deals will take a lot longer than others before the people involved see any actual hard cash (so I'm not moving to Mailbu for a life of hookers and coke any time soon folks - unlike all those other famously rich games industry people! - plus on games industry money I'm more likely to move to Morecombe and be able to afford a clothes hook and a can of coke!!! - oh, the glamourous lifestyle we lead...:p).

Anyway, we'll see what the Brand Licensing Expo has on offer. I doubt anything will be *discovered* but you never know. I'm not sure we as Cubicle 7 can *discover* anything else at present anyway as the next 12-18 months will be incredibly hectic with the current crop of projects plus the ones we're either signing now or about to sign in the next couple fo months. I think mrsdominic would probably kill me if we piled more work on her husbands plate :p

Who knows...?
Old Friend

Brand Licensing Expo - Postscript

Show was good. Managed to get through the whole thing in just under two hours and that included our meeting.

Quite a bit on offer but not very much along our lines (which we weren't surprised about). Although we did find a company that we'd been indirectly talking too at the show so introduced ourselves and had a long chat to them about their IP and their plans for it. We are talking to them again directly in a couple of weeks to see if we can work something out game wise.

Also saw another company who have a property I was looking at back in March/April time (Gabby, Andy and Gareth may possibly recall the one) so stopped by and spoke to there UK agents. They were receptive and I'm going to mail them a follow-up to open talks but I don't think the license is available in the form we want for an RPG (as I know another company that tried and were told no about it). It's worth a shot though. The worst that can happen is they say no, in which case at least you tried!

So two hours for meetings/talks with three different companies about three different market known IPs wasn't bad for the price of a travelcard.

Now I have an evening of work ahead of me. The joys! :p

(There were two other companies with properties there that I would *LOVE* to have a crack at but we have a lot on our plates atm anyway, if we were to approach either company about the property I'd want to have a fully thought out and laid out presentation ready for them to look at, and I know one of the heads of licensing for one of the companies in question in the States and would talk to him first before pursuing that particular one if/when the time comes.)