October 4th, 2007

Old Friend

Golden Compass (Longer Trailer)

A friend of mine (thanks Ollie) passed me a link to a five minute trailer for The Golden Compass on Youtube after seeing the link I put up here and on Facebook the other day.

It shows a lot more of the story and also seems to indicate that the producers have indeed decided to stick with the religious aspect of the book as opposed to replacing it with a more corporate angle to appease certain religious groups in the States. This pleases me no end if it's true.

Anyway, here it is for those of you who might be interested in seeing more...

Angus May 2005

Email Catch-Up and France No-Go :(

Managed to make quite a dent today in the horde of emails that are in my intrays due to the email problem a week or two back (yes, I'm still going through them - sigh). Going to take a break for a bit as I have to head into Camden to meet up with _tonylee_ who's in town today from Brum (which is strange as Dave disappered from London TO Brum today - maybe there is something neither of them are telling me???).

Then it's heading back to Finchley later as Sarah is coming over for some more Angel watching (hurrah for Season 5!) and I'm cooking dinner for both of us.

I'm pretty glad with the amount I've managed to cover today, although there still seems (and IS) tons to do. I think much of this weekend is also going to be spent in front of the computer catching up to date and sorting things out.

I'm also now NOT goign to France next weekend. I can't afford the time away at present and with my tooth op going to be costing £400 (initially) I could really do without spending too much money either. It's a real shame as I was looking forward to both Salan du Jeu and catching up with Valerie and Florant and also going down to Rouen to see Delphine, Alex and baby Joachim (who looks SO bloody cute from the latest pcitures Alex sent me :D). I doubt I'll be in France at all this year now as I can't see me making it over before January. This actually really upsets me as I've pretty much made it to France at least once a year since 1997. Guess I'll just have to try and make up for it in 2008.
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