October 5th, 2007

Old Friend


I seem to be making more and more friends in LA recently.

Maybe it's an omen.
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Old Friend

Dating Sites?

If you have any comments, stories, or reccomendations/warnings of sites please mention them in comments.

*Please note, that this does not mean that I am looking to join any dating sites (I have old memberships of two - one from 2002/3! - that I haven't looked at for years), nor does it mean that I'm actually considering getting into a relationship at present (I'm way too busy for anything serious at present I fear, plus need to sort myself out so my head is in the right place). Plus, from my experience, dating sites don't really cater for people of a more alternative persuasion. I've hardly ever seen someone on a site whose been alt! Plus I do kinda like dating people I know and meet in person, it allows more growing and getting-to-know time (which I find important in relationships - I've rarely gone out with someone I didn't really know at all).

Have You Ever/Currently Use A Dating Website?

Thought about it, but not so far
Did. No Longer Do
Yes, I currently do

If yes, or did, which site(s) did you use?

Old Friend

(Film) Control - Anyone fancy coming to see it with me?

Control is finally released today.

To quote the blueb:

"Anton Corbijn’s first film celebrates the troubled life of Joy Division’s post-punk legend Ian Curtis and  incisively focuses on Curtis’s failing marriage and the uncontrollable intensity of the nihilistic emotions displaced by his life into his art. Corbijn, who worked with the band for many years as their photographer, films in high-contrast monochrome and gets every detail exactly right. The songs are fantastic, but even better are the performances, with relative newcomer Sam Riley astonishing as Curtis.
Control won the award for best new British Feature at the recent Edinburgh Festival and also received the Best Performance award for Sam Riley's portrayal of Ian Curtis."

It's playing at the East Finchley Phoenix and is on at 3.45 (not Sunday), 6.15 and 8.45.

I'm thinking about either Saturday afternoon (3.45) or Monday evening (8.45).

Any takers?