October 8th, 2007

Old Friend

(Film) Control - Monday, East Finchley Phoenix, 8.45pm

Ok, a few of us are aiming to go and see 'Control' - the story of the lead singer of Joy Division, Ian Curtis, life - on Monday evening at 8.45pm at The East Finchley Phoenix.

Aiming to meet up at around 8.35pm outside of the cinema or in the lobby if it's raining. I *may* head to The Old White Lion first for food or just cook something at home before going - depending on how much time I have after work. If a White Lion food trip appeals to anyone text me (or leave a comment) as this could sway my decision :p

Hope to see a few of you tomorrow evening!

PS - Covenant/Client gig was most fun. Beckie is truly evil (but does have a very similar sick sense of humour as me which is fun) and poor Jasmina is quite funny when she gets drunk :p It was great seeing everying at the gig and at The Dev beforehand - lots of old familiar faces :)