October 12th, 2007

Old Friend

(Dreams) The Aliens Are Amongst Us...

Wow. Had another cracking dream last night about a covert (and then not so covert alien invasion).

Basically I started hearing more and more conspiracy theories amongst some of my friends (including listening to dodgyhoodoo waxing lyrical about it one drunken evening down the pub for a meet up) and also started to see odd things both on the net (well, what's new there!) and also in real life.

A few people started then going missing or changing their minds about the 'threat' which was even more spooky because much of the rumour mongoring and conspiracy theorising just went absolutely quiet. A bit like the calm before the storm I guess.

This seemed to make a few others nervous, whereas the majority of the population carried on obliviously to the sense that 'something was up'. This caused a second generation of concerned theorists but this time they kept their thoughts to whipsers amongst very close friends.

We then started to see more government and police presence on the streets and odd incidents involving them that you couldn't explain (but ususally involved 'terrorist cells' when the media did report them - which was getting rarer in itself). The media seemed to be concentrating on other 'feel good' stories along with problems abroad in third world countries such as starvation and disease and less on the policies and problems at home and in the West.

Then, months later and late at night on the way home from a friends house I saw an empty police car blocking a side street and some very bright and quick flashes of a brilliant blue coming from the street. I had to pass the street anyway so walked, carefully, to the corner and looked down. There were two policemen standing with their backs to me and in front of them was a third figure, a man, who had this blue electricity coating his hands and forearms and was firing it into a lone figure lying on the ground a few feet away. Next to this figure was two other bodies. The 'man' seemed to be talking to the person on the ground - interrogating him.

I must have gasped, or something, but in either case one of the policemen turned round suddenly and spotted me as I started to take flight. I brilliant bolt of blue just missed me as I ran from the side street. And ran. And ran.

I remember spending the night hiding out in a park. Too afraid of going home incase 'they' were waiting for me. I spent the next day and night outside too trying to figure out what I had seen, what to do and staying well out of sight of any police vehicle just incase. I spoke to daver2323 (one of my housemates) on the phone and said I'd pulled whilst out at the pub and was staying with the girl for a few days (which in itself alerted him that something was wrong - says alot about my pulling power doesn't it! :p). Dave indicated that everything was fine at home and no one had been round wondering where I was. This gave me a little confidence and after staking out my own house for a day I eventually went home.

It was largely unspoken but you could tell more people were becoming worried again. Many people started moving out of the city, some even going abroad to stay with friends or family, in the hope it would be better there. It seemed that more of the pretense of normality was falling and the hidden agenda that the authorities had been keeping quiet was becoming less important to be kept quiet.

You saw chases in the street, more 'terrorist' attacks and garffitti claiming aliens were amongst us springing up all over the place. Pamphlets started appearing, through letter boxes, left on tables in pubs and bars, scattered in the streets, placed in books and between food packets in shops - informing you what was 'going on' and ways on how you could help disrupt it.

Many people were scarred. Many also started doing little things to defy the authorities who apparently weren't 'ours' anylonger. Needless to say I became more and more involved in the 'resistance' trying to do what I could - with small groups of friends - against whatever was going on.

Then  the pretense was gone entirely. The media announced that contact had been made with an alien spacefaring species. These 'aliens', who looked exactly like us homosapiens and could speak our language using some sort of throat and ear translator, came in peace and had brought with them cures to many diseases and powerful seeds that would grow crops even in the most harsh and dry of desert climes to help eliminate starvation. They, in fact, seemed to have answers to many of the problems that the media had been highlighting over the past 12 months...

Their 'uncloaking' seem to polarise people. Some accepted them with open arms, others fought even harder now that they perceived their 'adversary' had stepped out of the shadows, others either ran or simply disappeared.

I was at the shop (the old location for those who know where I work) one afternoon about to close up with a couple of friends when this bearded man with smoke-tainted white/yellow hair came in to the store. I instantly got prickles up my spine that soemthing was up. One of my friends said we were about to close when the mans hand shot out towards him and a streak of electric blue light cascaded from his outstretched hand and hit my friend in the chest. I immediate ran to the back room (narrowly being missed by another streak of blue), grabbed my coat and darted through the back door as the old man came through to the back room and fired again, hitting the brickwork next to the door frame. I charged out of the building, through the gate in the backyard and two other people were waiting at the end of the driveway blocking the road. I just got my head down and charged them - hoping to bowl them over and escape.

I charged into one of the figures and seemed to pass straight through it - as if passing through a sticky, humid, barrier. I came out the other side unable to breath. I realised that my enire body had been coated with what seemed to be some sort of elastic gel - covering me from head to toe. Covering my eyes (although I could still see), covering my mouth and nose (although I could neither breath nor make a noise).

I ran a few steps further but fell to the ground in the suffocating gel. I clawed at my jgel-coated face with my gel-coated hands - making no difference at all. The two figures from the driveway were now standing over me. I tried to gasp, to breath, but i couldn't.

I blacked out.

(Then I woke up - dammit :( I would like to think my dream would have carried on from there but I have a feeling that my 'war effort' was over at that point. It was also interesting to see that in my dream the aliens had different powers that we'd usually associate with comic book superheroes/villains. They could shoot energy from their hands, become incorporeal, some could read thoughts (although apparently translation was difficult if the person thought in words and not pictures), levitate and a whole host of other things. It was a very powerful dream and I loved the feeling of being totally alive yet totally afraid of what was happening).
Old Friend

The New Enterprise Crew

Not personally a fan of Star Trek but I thought a number of you would like to know that Simon Pegg (Spaced; Shaun of the Dead; Hot Fuzz) has been cast in the role of Scotty for the new Star Trek Academy film which start filming in a few months time. The film explores the early days of the crew. As I mentioned a few months ago on here, the guy who plays Sylar in Heroes is going to be playing Spock.

Simon Pegg is Scotty! (Empire Movie News 12th October 2007)
Three Dead People

Phone Jammers

So tempted to buy one of these and take it with me every time I go to the cinema :)

Cell Phone Jammer

Why cinemas don't install jammers in their screens (or use that special wallpaper that jams the signal) I'll never know.

But still, a group of us could club together, buy one of these things (It's only £130) and whomever is going to the cinema can take it for the day/night!