October 16th, 2007

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Essen 2007

I'm off to Essen tomorrow for the Worlds Biggest Games Fair (they get in excess of 150,000 people through the door and it's a massive convention site spanning loads of halls).

I've just looked to see what new titles are on show/being released there and so far there are 376 new titles coming out. If I try and see all the newies that would equal one game per 2 minutes I spend at the show - without all the other titles! (the final list is released tomorrow when I'm already at the airport so I won't be seeing it).

Luckily a number of games I'll have already seen/know about plus many new releases will be childrens games or other items we're not interested in. But still... ouch!

I think I'll be very tired when I finally get home again on Saturday!
Old Friend

Chris Pine gets Captain Kirk Role

For someone who can't personally stand Star Trek I seem to be talking about it a lot on LJ at present...

It's been inadvertently revealed that Chris Pine has accepted the job as Captain james Kirk in the new Star Trek film about the Academy years of the Enterprise crew.

Pine To Go Where Shatner Went Before (IMBD Movie & TV News; 16th october 2007)

As an aside, was more interested to see they are making White Jazz (another James Elroy novel) into a film.

Anyway, to redeem myself I decided to also include the best thing that ever came from Star Trek (apart from Tribbles, I liked the Tribbles)

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