October 29th, 2007

Sisters of Mercy

Sunday and The Birthday Massacre

Sunday roast was really nice. I love cooking when I have the time and love devouring the results even more :p

We did indeed watch Apocalypto which is still a really great film after the nth view (I'm not sure how many times I've seen it now - 4 or 5 maybe?). The scenic shots are fantastic and it's really well shot and acted.

The Birthday Massacre gig was good in someways and a disappointment in others. They can certainly play well and I largely enjoyed finally seeing them live but in doing so it really brought home that many of their songs really do sound very similiar and Chibi has quite a limited range of vocals. The songs were good and I can't fault their performance. They were just a bit "samey" which was a shame. I will admit I started to feel that with the albums - the tracks are very good in their own right - but I started thinking I'd heard them before on previous releases. Best way to listen to them I guess is on shuffle with a bundle of other artists also included so you get variety.

Anyway, glad I saw them and it was also really nice catching up with a bunch of people who were there. The crowd (which was fairly packed for the Islington Academy - certainly got a good few hundred people through the doors) was also interesting to see as it consisted largely of people I'd never seen before in the club/gig scene. A lot of younger faces too. I guess this was partially because a lot of the regular crowd was in Witby this weekend for the festival there (which Birthday Massacre played at on Saturday) so they weren't in attendence to bring more familiarity to the proceedings. The support band that I caught (Psycho Luna) were pretty rubbish and subsequently we spent the latter part of their set chatting to people (Tim, his lovely girlfriend and Andy) in the foyer.
Old Friend


Been thinking about kids and having a really broody "I want to have a little baby Angoo' type of morning.

I guess it's better to have that at times like these where I'm not in the position to go and do something about it.

The danger comes when you have these moments and are in a relationship. This will pass fairly quickly, the other would take 18+ years to move on!