November 6th, 2007

Parental Advisory Warning

Lost Email

I've accidently deleted all my unread emails in my freeserve account for the last 2-3 days. I think there were about 15 relevant non-spam that I was keeping to download. I'm sure some were important too.

I really shouldn't try and do things when I'm half asleep and it's annoyed the hell out of me.

If anyone has sent anything to my freeserve account since, say, Friday night please can you resend it. Anything to my other addresses will be unaffected.

I'm going to sleep. Either that or a long walk.
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Old Friend

Sex Pistols - Spare Ticket - This Friday Brixton Adacemy


A friend of mine has a spare ticket for The Sex Pistols for this Friday (9th November) at Brixton Academy in London.

He's looking for the £40 he paid for it. The ticket can be collected from me at the shop (Leisure Games in Finchley) or given enough notice could be sent to you.

If you're interested please either leave a comment or email me on angus at cubicle7
Old Friend

Warhammer 40K Fan Film Copyright Row

Copyright Law Scuppers Fan Film (BBC News Online; Tuesday 6th November 2007)

To be honest they should have sought permission before spending four years and 10,000 Euros making the film in the first place.

Sure it sucks from their point of view, and for a lot of fans who'd have probably liked to have seen the 110 minute fan film, but they really should have thought about this and got the correct legal permission.

The problem with 'fans' is that they get overexcited and run off and start producing their own things without thinking of the legal ramifications. Yes they ARE fans of the property but that is very different from OWNING it and being able to do, and commission, new works. Regardless how good and professional they may be.

It's a shame for the people involved but as an industry and professionals there is no other choice than to support GW with this call.

I'd love to see a 40K film at somepoint though.