November 11th, 2007

Gummi Bear Sex

White Lion @ 7.30pm

Becky was bored so I gave her the option of going to The White Lion for a couple of pints or coming over here for a dvd and a shag. So...

...I'm heading down the White Lion at 7.30 to sexual harrass and tease Becky for an hour or so.

If anyone fancies joining us for a pint or two you now know where we'll be :)
Old Friend

Dragonmeet Countdown

Popping out this evening for a little bevvie was apparently good for me. Since I got back at about 9.30 (sticking to the two hours I said I'd allow myself) I've managed to do loads of work and am feelign a lot more relaxed about things.

Not as relaxed as I'll be when the Dragonmeet tickets arrive back from the printers this week (and I just checked last years rota and this is the week they came through then too for sale). But getting there.

I've also got to check through the seminar and demo/games list but I think they're pretty much full now too. If anyone does still want to submit games to be run or anything for the Dragonmeet 2007 Programme please let me know on angus at as soon as possible!

Right, back to work....

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