November 14th, 2007

Manga Me

Finchley at night...

It's ten past midnight and I'm about to wrap up in a warm sweater, pull on my coat and glooves and go for a walk.

I've worked most of the evening and need to walk off some of the tense energy I have so I have atleast a small chance of going to sleep tonight.

So much has fallen into place, but I still feel anxious about the event in a couple of weeks. I know it'll be fine in my head and heart, I know I've done it time and time again since we started in 2000. But the nearer we get, the more sleepless I get with all the thoughts of things I still need to do, or things that could go wrong. Of course for the last couple of years it's had the additional worry that the buck completely stops with me and it's my money and reputation on the line if something does screw up.

Next year things may be different and I may have a lot more time to spend getting everything sorted for the show - plus I am 'so' recruiting a team of people to help next year. I may be a workaholic and like being 'hands on' but somethings even overstep the mark for me and I really want to have a team working with me to help grow the convention and realise the potential Dragonmeet has.

Anyway, enough talk - I'm off out into the cold.

To quote Captain Oates 'I am just going outside and may be some time.'

Although hopefully not as long as he was.
Angus May 2005


Some people in this world are real God Sends and should never be underappreciated or taken for granted.

I am very blessed to know several very wonderful, incredibly helpful and understanding people.