November 19th, 2007

Invader Zim - Curse You!

Out of Line Festival - London

Would love to have had more time to update properly recently as quite a few things have happened. Sadly though with Dragonmeet, C7 and LG work and attempting to have a sliver of life in the seconds left between them all (oh yes, and apparently sleep sometimes) I've not been very regular. I guess I should eat my All Bran or something?

Anyway, last night was a 'night off' as I had a ticket for the Out of Line Festival featuring Ashbury Heights, Din A Tod, Proceed, Spetsnaz and headliners Hocico at the Islington Academy. Things didn't go according to plan though as when we arrived (at 5pm as it was an early start due to the venue kicking us out at 10pm to make way for the Feeling Gloomy club night) we were faced with a load of posters stating that:

a) None of the bands had arrived as yet as the tour bus had been held up in Calais by immigration (turns out they were held up for ten hours trying to sort things out)


b) Hocico would not be headlining as they were refused entry into the UK (presumably they didn't have work visa's - itr's the only thing I can imagine as they are from Mexico and not the EU - although you';d have thought someone would have looked into that before starting the tour).

The rest of the bands finally turned up at the venue at 7.15pm and the first band was on stage at 7.45. Everything was thrown in a bit of disarray due to all the problems they'd had during the day. Din A Tod were maybe on for three songs, Ashbury Heights for 5, Proceed I managed to miss bar the last song because I'd popped out for a cigarette and bumped into Sarah (even so, I wasn't out of the building for more than maybe 15 minutes tops so they maybe played 4 songs) and Spetsnaz were on for maybe 40 minutes but got very repetitive and a bit dull after the first 20.

Ashbury Heights, however, were fantastic and worth the evening. I really want to see them live again and with a full set. I had a word with one of the singers and she said they were hoping to be back in the UK again soon and as soon as they are I'm buying tickets.

In way of compensation for the lack of Hocico everyone who kept their ticket has been given the choice of going to see MESH free next Sunday at the Electric Ballroom or to see Hocico free when they play in the UK next March (all being well). I'm opting for the MESH gig as I was hoping to go anyway and wouldn't like to guarantee I'll have my Hocico ticket stub (or atleast know where it was) come March (if they indeed play).

We went to Slimelight afterwards were I danced a bit, got bored, started getting uptight and moody, said my goodbyes and left to go and find a cab as the last trains had already gone. Got home about two, tried to relax, finally got to sleep at somepoint, woke up and went to Gameforce all afternoon to play games and sell Dragonmeet tickets.

Presales are currently up on this time last year which is a good sign, although the enxt two weeks is all about promotion promotion promotion.
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Old Friend

MP3 Recorder/Dictaphone

Hello friends & readers!

Does anyone have a MP3 Recorder or Dictaphone I can borrow for tomorrow (Tuesday 20th)?

I have a very important meeting tomorrow and need to record it so I can write up notes/upload the meeting for the rest of the team who can't be there due to work or distant restraints.

Obviously a north London based option is preferrable but I can travel to collect it this evening within a reasonable distance.

If you can help please let me know.

Many thanks

EDIT: Just got word one of the broken ones seems to now be working so we have tentavily got one. Thanks to those who offered. If anyone has got a spare near me I'll still borrow it if posisble though as a back-up.
Old Friend

Text Messages

Hi Angus :) did you make it back home ok on saturday? xx

No. I got kidnapped by time travelling KGB operatives from the New Soviet Republic of the 24th Century. I've just spent the last thirty years leading a rebellion there before finding a worm hole that brought me back to Earth three years ago whilst the world of the New Soviet Republic was destroyed by an alien race of watchers called The Liensjos.
I've been hiding out in Central Africa since my return as I didn't want to create a paradox by both myselfs being in the same locations. now my younger self has been taken away I can now try and reclaim my former life, albeit 33 years older. Luckily the time stream seems to have rejuvenated me though and I think i'm almost the same now as when I left. I've met a few people i remember since my return and they didn't seem to notice anything wrong so I guess i'm ok. If I recall, you were supposed to meet me this Thursday. Still up for that? It's been years (for me) since I saw  you and it'd be good to see if you're as I remember you. Hope you've been well, xx
To Do....


Bloody hell today has been a busy day. It's not finished yet either as I'm reckoning I'll be at the shop for atleast another 30 mins. Then when i get home I can't afford to let mysefl relax or I doubt I'll get back up again. I have a shit load of things to write this evening and can't afford to oversleep tomorrow.

Hey ho, it's my own fault and own choice so I should just shut up complaining I guess.

Hope everyone out there in LJ-land is good.
Nail Bunny

When keeping sleep at bay...

Tonight is going to be accompanied by very loud ROCK music and THUMPING INDUSTRIAL NOISE as I need an adrenaline rush to pump me up and keep me going.

Playing it loud helps.

I've also made some incredibly life changing decisions in the last few weeks which will start coming into effect after New Year is out of way. With Dragonmeet in (now under) two weeks and then the Christmas rush at work nothing is going to change before then in anycase.

I'm also intending to possibly go on a very big bender the weekend after Dragonmeet and also see if I can spend most of the week socialising. I've been in too much and a number of people have commented that I seem tense and need to destress. I am tending to agree with them, too many balls in the air at the moment.

Actually I might not last until the weekend after Dragonmeet. Depending how shattered I am I might join everyone at a pub that evening (although on past experience I'll be shattered, tired and wanting a shower, a comfy chair and just wanting a hug).
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