November 20th, 2007


Black Outs

The electricty here keeps playing up. We've had a number of near blackouts tonight where all the lights dim and then return to full strength again.

I've completed my main task of the evening and am now tempted to shut the system down before we get a full blackout and it screws up the machine or loses my data. Bit of a pigs ear because I'm now wide awake and keen on carrying on working - and certainly have enough work to keep my occupied until i do get sleepy whenever that may be.

Although I should get some sleep as I have an important meeting in the morning and need a shower, shave and then to get all suited up and respectable (well, as respectable as 'I' can be anyway).

Doctor Who up for a People's Choice Award!

I heard about this a week or two ago but only just got round to checking out the website.

Doctor Who is up for a People's Chocie Award in the States in the Best Sci-Fi category. It's up against Battlestar Galactica and Stargate: Atlantis.

So, to fly the flag for a great sci-fi TV series - as well as it being a British rarity of being nominated - go over to the People's Choice Awards site and cast your votes!

It doesn't seem to matter where in the world you are as I just voted without any problems at all.

People's Choice Awards Website

I wanna go to Leeds..... :(

I'm beginning to really wish I could get to Leeds on the 8th December. Not only are The March Violets playing a one-off reunion gig but James Ray is supporting them and I really liked James Rays Gangwar and The Sisterhood (amongst others) and the times I've seen him live I've been really impressed. Plus Screaming Banshee Aircrew are also supporting.


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It's a Wrap: B-Movie Closes It's Doors

B-Movie is wrapping up with one last outting on Saturday 15th December :(

(Announcement Here)

To quote my comment on their LJ:

I'm really sorry to see the night vanish.

B-Movie has provided me some of my best nights out over the last few years and certainly had some of the best tunes and friendliest people in clubland.

I always remember my first time (I think it may actually have been the 1st Birthday bash or thereabouts) and I commented that it felt more like a party at a friends place than a club - because everyone was so relaxed, friendly and there to have a good time, chat and dance.

I may have been a critic of the new venue (but fully understand why the move took place) it is a real shame that time is being called. I'll certainly try and make it to the last one and wish all involved the very best for all future projects. Hope it brings a glorious new beginning for both Simon and Helen and all those involved and I look forward to supporting the future as much as possible.

I really do hope something springs phoenix-like from their ashes as the club was unbeatable when it was at it's height. Even when it wasn't it was a great place to catch up with friends with a backdrop of good music.

I really have got some fantastic memories of the place which will stay with me until dementia finally takes hold.