November 21st, 2007

Old Friend

Things Not To Meet On A Dark Night #235 - Jaekelopterus Rhenaniae

Bloody hell.

This is not a creature I'd like crawling through a time portal to the mordern day. Nor some of its fellows of the time by the sounds of things.

Researchers have found fossilized remains of this 390-million-year-old critter which has changed thinking on how big certain creatures (inlcuidng arachnids) may have been in our far flung past when oxygen levels were much higher than they are today:

Man-Sized Sea Scorpion Claw Found (BBC News Online; Wednesday 21st November 2007)
Invader Zim - Curse You!

Being Sick SUXS :(

The last two days have been full of meetings in and out of London. Early starts, rush hour commuting and general lots of discussions and planning.

They've been good, given more focus in regards to somethings, and certainly are helping us in the right direction.

Tonight, however, I am ill.

I got home at 5.15. Sneaked up to my room and collapsed for a couple of hours. Then I woke up and rushed bathroomward to puke up todays intake of food (mainly a lasagne from lunch it seems). I felt awful so went back to bed. Then about 30 minutes ago I repeated the process. Now I'm updating quickly while I run myself a bath to try and soak it out.

I hate feeling sick at the best of times, but with the work load I have on this week (and tonight imoparticular which is now completely out of the window) it sucks. I now have to really hope I feel better in the morning so I can have a very early start so I can still get all the plans sorted that I need to by mid-afternoon deadlines.

Admittedly I would have worked this evening if I'd been well but it doubly irks me that this evening I was laying down been ill and sleeping and NOT working when I could have:

1) Gone to Dave's birthday drink in Highgate and NOT worked
2) Gone to see Sons & Daughters at Islington Academy (which I had a ticket for) and NOT worked
3) Watched the England - Croatia Euro Qualifier and NOT worked (although it sounds like a good job I slept through that one).