November 29th, 2007

Cubicle 7

Dragonmeet Flyer - £1 Off Entry!

We've uploaded a flyer you can print off and bring to the Convention to get £1 off the door admission prices. The £1 is for all ticket types (Adult/Concessions and Under 16's) but does not apply to advance ticket sales.

It can be seen on the Tickets page ( of the Dragonmeet website and also in the News section (links on both pages to the flyer).

Please let other people know about the flyer offer!

Take care and hope to see you on Saturday!

Angus Abranson
Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd
London, UK
Publishers of SLA Industries & Victoriana RPGs
Organsiers of Dragonmeet & The Gameforce Network
Old Friend

Midnight Oil Singer becomes Australias Environment Minister

It seems the new Australian government is concentrating on the "Three E's" - Education, Environment and Economy.

Giving a prominent Environmental activist the position of Environment Minister is also a promising move that they are serious about their commitments too. Although I do wonder if I'll ever not think of Midnight Oil's 80's hit "Beds Are Burning" whenever I hear him talk :p

Good luck to them and I hope more countries, inclduing my own, wise up to this with actions of their own one day.

Australia's Rudd Unveils Cabinet (BBC News Online; Thursday 29th November 2007)
Old Friend

35 hours and counting.... many bricks do you think I'm shitting atm?

If I live my life without having a heart attack it'll be a miracle. I'm sure I've posted here (probably yearly around the first Sunday/monday of December) about how I'm never going to do another one of these :p