December 3rd, 2007


Who Blog & Forum

Dave Chapman has started up a Doctor Who Designer Blog which has also now got Live Journal syndiaction on hearttardis for those who may be interested. Obviously replying to the LJ syndication is unlikely to be seen so you may want to bookmark his actual blog site too.

We have also now set up a Doctor Who section in the Cubicle 7 Forums and have been swamped with a load of writing and playtesting requests today which I'll start looking at tomorrow evening (for those that came to either my personal or general C7 info addresses anyway). We will be making calls for playtesters and additional writers at somepoint in the near future once we've sorted a method to be able to process peoples requests with minimum delays (ie - I just found out how many mails certain other comapnies received when they announced licensed properties and put out all calls and I/we need to have something in place to cope for the amount if we get a similar figure).
To Do....

...and then he rested

I'm having, sort of, a night off this evening.

Between organising Dragonmeet last weekend, announcing the Who deal, being ill last week and packing/unpacking for the convention with Leisure Games I'm pretty knackered.

So this evening I relaxed (I got back from work about 8 - so it wasn't totally relaxing).

I sat down infront of the TV for the first time in ages with Jade and Dave and we watched The Simpsons, Dragons Den (which I think I'm becoming as addicted to as both my housemates already seem to be - the show is brilliant)  and then the brilliant Have I Got News For You.

Now I'm upstairs checking mail/Forums/Journals for the day and rediscovering my love for the debut Scissor Sisters album (a new copy arrived in the post for me this morning as I finally decioded the copy I had has gone to the land of lost things). I knew there was a reason why I wantesd to rebuy and rehear this CD.

Other CDs to arrive this week were my second copy of Marilyn Mansons 'Mechanical Animals" (there best album imho) - my first copy has eloped with the aforementioned Scissor Sisters CD - and "(_)" by Sigur Ros as I love their Takk CD and fancied hearing more from this superb Icelandic band.

Anyway, back to checking mail and then a blissful early night I feel I've earnt over the last few days.

Hope everyone is doing well out there in LJ-land and will sort out a Convention report in the next couple of days.

Night night.
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