December 14th, 2007

Old Friend

New Years Break

Yay! We've decided not to open on New Years Eve this year! As I don't work Saturdays this means I have four days off in a row! Makes up for my two days off at Christmas.

May try and organise a games day at somepoint over my New Year break - but I suspect most of it will be spent working on C7 bits and pieces to help me catch up and have a reasonably clear slate for when 2008 chimes in :)
Old Friend

Electric Dreams

I'm heading down to The Dev for a bit tonight before going on to see what Electric Dreams at The Purple Turtle (Mornington Crescent) is like.

Depending on what it's like, and how many people are there, we may stay or possibly decamp to Sin City at The Electric Ballroom  - exchanging our 80's alternative scene for some rock.

May see some of you somewhere on my noctural travels.