December 15th, 2007


Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned Christmas Preview

Alongside seeing my mother and sisters this is going to be my highlight of Christmas Day... The Doctor Who Special.

Obviously the trailer has some spoilers in it (of sorts) so if you don't want to know anything about it in advance please don't watch it - and it's probably advisible not to look in my comments section either if I get any! :p

In other news, I really need to find a new Doctor Who/Tardis Userpic. The one I have has been fine for ages but now we're publishing a Who game I should really get something a bit more snazzy. Might organise a little comp next week to see who can design a goodun :)

  1. Have a good weekend!
Old Friend

(Music) NinjaTunes and The Bug

This might come as a surprise to many people considering the types of clubs I go to and the crowd I'm usually seen with but NinjaTunes have been one of my favourite labels for over ten years now. They have had, and got, some of my favourite artists in their ranks - like The Herbaliser, DJ Food, Roots Manuva, Mr Scruff and absolutely fantastic Cinematic Orchestra.

I heard a new track last night from an artsist called The Bug. I'd heard of them before in the music press but had never actually heard them. Anyway I really enjoyed the track and upon looking into them this mornig it turns out they are yet anotehr NinjaTunes artist.

The video is good too, featuring a ruined future society and seeing the ruins of Big Ben at wround 2.10.

Anyway, I'm sure this won't be to all of your tastes by any means but here is The Bug featuring warrior Queen with Posion Dart...

Old Friend

(Music) Pendulum, The Sounds, Make Model, Big Face

OK, so I seem to be in a bit of a music mood today. I know I should be really getting my head down and ploughing through a whole host of outstanding emails but I deserve a morning off and can do that after lunch as I'm not doing anything until this evening (film night at Ray and Alex's - yay! :p).

Anyway, Pendulum is another band I recently discovered and really enjoyed their 'First Contact/Signs' video of mankind realising they are not alone.

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The Sounds are a Swedish band that have been around for a few years now. They play a brand of New Wave punk/electronica and have been compared to bands such as Blondie (and not only because of the sound I'm guessing as the lead singer is a hot peroxide blonde :p). They've started gaining popularity a bit more in the UK now and I heard about them last year (I think) and think I may have posted another of their videos before. This time round we have ' Tony The Beat (Push It)' which shares some similarities with another Swedish band - the brilliant 'The Knife'.

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Make Model remind me of an old 4AD band (name escapes me at present) but that is no bad thing. I guess they could also be compared to bands such as Arcade Fire. Definetly got 80's influence in here though. This track is called 'The Was'

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Another new band with a very good video is Big Face with 'Style Crusader'. The video is a work of art and apparently took 9 days to shoot. I can see why though. See for yourselves...

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That's all for now. Need food and then on with some work :)

Have a good weekend folks!