December 16th, 2007

Angus Wayne Hussey

The Mission 'Farewell' Support Acts Announced + Official Aftershow Party Details

Wow - good news on the support front for The Mission farewell gigs - they have different bands supporting them every night! And some good ones I'd really like to see (or see again in some cases)  to boot :)

Mission UK Farewell concerts February 2008:
Wed 27th: London Shepherds Bush Empire (with special guests The Sisters Of Murphy/Dead Guitars)
Thur 28th: London Shepherds Bush Empire (with special guests The Claytown Troupe)
Fri 29th: London Shepherds Bush Empire (with special guests Balaam & The Angel and the Dragons)
Sat 1st: London Shepherds Bush Empire (with special guests Miles Hunt from The Wonderstuff)

They've also announced that the 'Official' Aftershow party will be taking place on Friday 29th February at Club AntiChrist.

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Now this doesn't thrill me too much as the club is expensive and not one I particulary fancied after reading the reports of the last one on many friends LJs. However it seems the club rules are going to be a lot tighter from now on and won't allow fat naked men to wander round the club playing with themselves. Having been to a fetish club or two in the past and having seen what the majority of people who go to them are like I can only say this is a very very good thing. I'll add here that I find fetish clubs pretty piss poor in general (in the limited exposure I've had of them).

Anyway, I'm not sure if we're still going to be running our proposed 'Unofficial' Mission Aftershow party on Saturday 1st March or not at present. I'll have to talk to my co-conspirators and sort things out one way or another. I'm still very much up for it though as after the last ever gig (sob) I'm probably going to be in dire need of a party and booze to help cheer me up (although after four days of gigging I may be a tad worse for wear already!!!)