December 26th, 2007

Old Friend

New DVDs

Got some new DVDs to watch for Christmas.

Like many on my fiends list I received the Bladerunner Final Cut - 5 Disc Edition which I've been waiting for years to be released. I also received The Transformers, Neverwhere (BBC), Life on Mars Season 1 (BBC) and the Ed Byrne: Pedantic & Whimsical DVD (Irish Comedian).

Plus assortment of books (The Heroes web graphic novel, Firefly/Serenity Scripts and companions, Buffy Seaspn 8 Graphic novel, etc) , chocolates and assorted gifts (Including a Doctor Who Mug and teaspoon from my mother as a nod and well done for getting the license).

Looking forward to getting round to watching the DVDs - I've never seen any Life on Mars and am interested to see if all the good reviews and reports I've heard stand up.

This morning is just tidying a few things up at home - and online - post Christmas and then going to the cinema this afternoon with Jade and Dave (and anyone else if they fancy it)  to see I Am Legend.

The sniffles I had are  improving - although still slightly annoying - and I'm hoping to have them fully consigned to history in the next 24-48 hours.