January 6th, 2008

Old Friend

Weekend 1/52

The final weekend of 2007 was a blast in regards to the fact that the Fridays nights activities were so extremely good fun that the fact that I was so ill the rest of the weekend didn't really matter to me.

The first weekend of 2008 has (so far) also been a complete blast and (once again) slightly surreal in places (although quite a bit less sordid - but still very fun). I went out to The Dev and Inferno for Valeria's birthday on Friday which turned out to be a cracking night in many ways. I headed into Chinatown on Saturday morning with Jasmina as she was meeting a friend for lunch who was leaving to go back to Sweden before moving to Japan to work/study. I left them to it and went for a walk around town which mainly saw me chatting to Lady Bugs father (Jon) for about 90 minutes or so on the South Bank at his book stall - which was very enjoyable. I then started walking back through town and completely randomly bumped into Dave and Marysa (who live opposite me) outside The Odeon in Leicester Square as they'd just seen I Am Legend (and loved it).

They were hungry so we walked up to The Black Horse (the pub where we run the games club) so they could get some good food and we could have a few drinks. This was about 3pm-ish I think. At around 6 Jasmina came and joined us and we finally left the pub about 9/9.30 with the intent of coming back home and watching a DVD. Unfortunatetly Jasmina was slightly worse for wear and - to be honest - I wasn't feeling the most sober so we decided to scrap the DVD idea and Jasmina and myself were pretty much in bed and asleep by 10.30. I don't think it helped tht we'd both only had 2 hours or so of sleep the night before.

Anyway, it's been a really great weekend (and also a cheap one as I've managed to go through most of it without spending hardly any money :p) . I'm just waiting for Jasmina to get ready and then we're heading to the Tate Modern for a bit and then I'm going to pop along and see Lady Bug before heading home and immersing myself in an evening of work.

I hope these kind of weekends keep up. Having just had two of the best weekends in the last year or more one after another I'm very hopefully that 2008 will really turn out to be a year to remember - both work and social wise. Alternatively, these last two weeks could be the high point and God can now look at me, laugh, and make sure the next two years worth of weekends are dull affairs. I don't believe in God though so I guess I can carry on having some fun :p

Hope everyone is having a good time out there and to catch you soon.
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