January 7th, 2008

Old Friend

(Music) The Kills, Bjork & The House of Love

Music, music, music - one of my oldest friends. How I still love you after so many years. How you are always there to put a smile on my face, to reflect my emotions and to inspire.

Yep. This is another "Angus posts some music vids he likes" post :p

Just heard the new 'The Kills' song from their forthcoming third album and I LOVES IT. I've never really listened to The Kills before but might have to take a look into their earlier material.

This is 'U R A Fever'

I also saw Bjork's new video this evening. "Declare Independence". Now Bjork and myself go back many years - actually back to the 80's when she was in the Sugarcubes and I was just a schoolboy. She has produced some phenomenal music over the years although our paths have parted for the last few years and I've not picked up her last couple of albums after finding one of her outtings completely unlistenable (admittedly I only gave it one listen and should try and find it for a second chance all these years later). Anyway, I don't think Declare independence is her greatest work by any means but what really struck me was that she's kind of gone industrial with it. I could imagine Nine Inch Nails doing this song...

Now for an old favourite of mine. House of Love were a fantastic band and had some great melodies. My favourite was always "Shine On" which I bounced to at many a club back in the late 80's and early 90's. I still play it loud (and sometimes on repeat) today as the song just strikes such a chord in me. I also heard a great cover of this song by a goth band called Evereve on Friday night at Inferno which I have to track down.

Old Friend

Radio Infinity - Dedicated Music Videos LJ

If you like my music video posts you might be interested in friending radio_infinity which is a new account I set up to post a daily music video.

The styles will vary a lot as it's really whatever I am reminiscing about or have recently discovered at the time. It's partially a way for me to get a whole load of music I like in one place that I can go to on a rainy day and also a way of cutting down the amount of music vid posts I do here (although to be fair I've not done too many of those and they will still appear from time to time). I generally at least once a day go "oooo - I must post that song" but certainly don't want to swamp peoples friends pages (more than I do in  anycase :p).

Anyway, radio_infinity - you know where I am :)