January 10th, 2008

Old Friend

Blue Oyster Cult - Astronomy

I unearthed Blue Oyster Cult's "Imaginos" CD on Monday night when looking for anotehr CD to lend to Sean at work. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed that album and remember when it came out (back in 1988 - ahem) picking it up the cassette with the Stephen King intro.

Anyway as part of my radio_infinity LJ I decided it was time to hunt down and post a video from that album and found 'Astronomy'. I've since discovered that Metallica did a cover of the song in 1999 (which I have now also tracked down and listened to - and it is pretty good, despite my general hate of anything Metallica have ever done since the Black album).

Anyway, here is the original Blue Oyster Cult version.

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Old Friend

(Film) Cloverfield News Report Teaser

Thanks to thebitterguy for this latest Cloverfield Teaser.

The English News Report

YouTube also has up Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese style news reports of the incident - all of which seem to reveal a few extra bits of info :)

The French News Report

For other CloverfieldClues check out either YouTube or the Cloverfield Clues Blogspot!

I'm really looking forward to this film and am interested that they are really the first film since The Blair Witch project that has made so much use of 'underground' media. Snakes on the Plane developed a great buzz but they didn't do any extra footage or teasers for the film. The Ring had the great 'video trick' that advertising reps left weird videos attached to some peoples cars after the preview screenings (which I thought was cool), but Cloverfield has really embraced a whole ethos of teasers and info before the film itself.