January 14th, 2008

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Layout Artists & Copy Editors

Thought I'd repost this as I know some of my friends here are layout guru's and copy editors who might be interested.
Talisman Studios is looking for an experienced layout person and an experienced copy editor to help us develop our range of books for the Suzerain and Shaintar roleplaying games. Everybody at Talisman works as a freelance contractor, and we're offering 10% of earnings from the sales of any product you work on, paid monthly. That way, it's reasonably easy to get a fair amount of pay for a job well done, and the money keeps rolling for as long as the book continues to sell, even after years.

This opportunity is non-exclusive, which means that you can take other work as you find it, as long as you fulfill your obligations to the projects you work on in a timely manner and keep an eye on maintaining the highest of quality. At the end of the day, Talisman is all about high quality books and game accessories.

We're proud of that fact, and will expect you to be, too.

Submissions and questions should be made to the publisher at Talisman Studios, Martin Klimes (martin [at sign] talisman-studios [dot] com).

Feel free to cross post this open call or forward to interested parties.
Invader Zim - Curse You!

Delerium Update


As pointed out in the earlier Delerium thread - the night Delerium are playing London is the same night as one of the Mission Farewell gigs (the 'Children' album one to boot).

This is really not good for Angus.

I'm now going to have to hunt down the rest of Delerium's dates and see what is viable.

Glad someone else saw through the haze of enthusiasm I was having and pointed this clash out to me before I brought any tickets! Thanks twisted_times!
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Old Friend

For Sale: World of Darkness Books

I've started adding my collection of Werewolf: The Apocalypse books to my EBAY STORE. I basically had everything that Whitev Wolf ever published for all the World of Darkness games from the 1st Edition of Vampire all the way through to the Time of Judgement books that wrapped the series off.

I've already sold all my Changeling books and most of my Wraith and Demon books but everything else (apart from maybe some of my Vampire: The Masquearde and Dark Ages books and maybe Hunter too) is up for grabs. I'm going to be adding them all eventually onto Ebay but if there is something you would like please let me know and I can either take it off ebay or not even put it on and sell it straight to you.

I will also give any of my friends a discount on the prices shown on ebay if you want anything.

So, if you want to fill in a missing gap in your collection or are playing and have been searching for that hard to find book you need please leave a comment or drop me an email on angus at cubicle7.co.uk and I'll see what we can sort out :)