January 21st, 2008

Manga Me

New Appreciation of What Insanity Means...

The truy insane. The ones who are really just plain scary and you think thy're about to stab you any second.


Dave and me have just had a really tense 45 minutes with someone (a Polish guy) who is so not on planet Earth it's unbelieveable.

We occasinal have customers who worry us - in the "shop lifter alert" kind of way.

We occasionally have people in the shop that our Spidey-senses tingle with worries about the till being nicked. We've even had people in the shop (very rarely luckily) who threated physical violence.

This guy, without using any threatening behaviour at all, wa the most scary and unnerving person I think we've ever had.

Part of me is glad to be able to write this.

I never appreciated what insanity means until an hour ago.

I might have a stiff drink tonight.
Cubicle 7

Whilst in contrast to my last post...

...to counterbalance my last post.

Today has also been very rewarding on the publishing side of the biz. We've been talking to a company about another big license for several months and have just been given the terms of a possible deal.

Fingers crossed the next few weeks of negotiations go well and we may be able to announce another coup this summer for publication in 2009 :)

I am getting far more enjoyment out of the publishing biz these days than from the retail store (even without 'incidents'). I reckon things will have to change this year for me to concentrate on what's making me a lot more happier and has, in truth, a lot more prospects for building my future.