February 8th, 2008

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Arnos Grove

Ok, what can people tell me about Arnos Grove and it's general area?

There seems to be some nice - and well within price range - houses there but I don't really know the area very well.

Angus Wayne Hussey

Skeletal Family

Having just discovered that The Skeletal Family are supporting Christian Death tomorrow night as the pre-Slimes gig I now seem to have Saturday planned with a trip to Angel.

I'll probably/hopefully be on the last train home though as I REALLY don't want to get stuck at the club afterwards. Partially due to a dsilike of the place, partially because I have things to do on Sunday and partially because I'm still not 100% mended from this weeks bug.

So, anyone else going to the gig/Slimes tomorrow?
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Dubai British Drug News

I know a number of my friends know Cat Le-Hey (I don't) and have been talking about him and campaigning on their LiveJournals regardng his arreest in Dubai.

Just thought I'd give you a heads up that the BBC are running the story and it's currently their most mailed on their website.

Tourists Warned of UAE Drug Laws (BBC News Online; Friday 8th February 2008)

I can't believe that someone was jailed for four years for having 0.003g of cannabis on the sole of their shoe - that must be a really minute speck! One of the morals of the story is if you are going to go to these places buy a completely new wardrobe at the airport so nothing can stick on you from British streets!
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Radio Infinity - Catch-Up

I unfortunately neglected radio_infinity this week due to either being very busy or poorly and lazy. Sorry.

Anyway, I've just played catch up and posted the vids upto date. So far in February we've had:

10:46 pm: Apocalyptica featuring Christina Scabbia - S.O.S. (Anything But Love)
12:05 pm: Big Country - Look Away
04:30 pm: Clannad - Newgrange
11:08 pm: Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
08:11 pm: Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon
03:13 am: Faithless - Insomnia
11:17 pm: Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple
11:21 pm: House of Love - Shine On
I'll try and keep the daily posts going now I'm feeling better and have a little more time at home.
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Clannad Tour

Someone mentioned this to me a couple of weeks ago but I've been a bit on the 'not a lot of cash and a move coming up' side of things and not been able to do anything about it. Now, thanks to some rather nice ebay sales, I treated myself to a couple of tickets to see Clannad at the London Palladium on Sunday 9th March :)

This is the first time Clannad have toured in ten years and is 35 years since their first album!

I've been lucky enough to catch them a few times (back in the 80's and 90's - including a few times at the Royal Albert Hall and once in a VIP box courtesy of their record company) and they are superb live.

I can't wait :D

The UK tour dates are as follows (they will be playing European dates later in the year too):

March 2008 UK Tour Dates

  Sun 2 Mar 2008 Gateshead - The Sage Buy Tickets
  Mon 3 Mar 2008 Glasgow - Royal Concert Hall Buy Tickets
  Tue 4 Mar 2008 Manchester - Bridgewater Hall Buy Tickets
  Thu 6 Mar 2008 Birmingham - Alexandra Theatre Buy Tickets
  Fri 7 Mar 2008 Cardiff - St David's Hall Buy Tickets
  Sat 8 Mar 2008 Southend - Cliffs Pavilion Buy Tickets
  Sun 9 Mar 2008 London - Palladium Buy Tickets
  Mon 10 Mar 2008 Brighton - Dome Buy Tickets
  Wed 12 Mar 2008 Nottingham - Royal Centre Buy Tickets
  Thu 13 Mar 2008 Harrogate - International Centre Buy Tickets
  Fri 14 Mar 2008 Liverpool - Philharmonic Hall Buy Tickets
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