February 20th, 2008

Old Friend

Virgin Media...

Can anyone give me any feedback on Virgin Media?

I'm looking at the possibility of taking up their fibre optic broadband service for the new house (plus possibly their TV and phone deals) and was wondeirng if anyone had any experience with them?

I'm not too worried about the TV Channel selection as we're dropping SKY as we only rarely use it and then it's for the news, music or cartoons ( and then only really South Park, Simpsons, Futurama and Family Guy). The occasional documentary also gets watched but we're not using it enough to warrant the extra expense so are dropping it with the move.

We do need a good broadband provider though and it looks like the 20mb Fibre Optic deal is very good (especially as Dave transfers high volume art files).


(Thanks in advance)
Old Friend

International Politics - Palestine

It'll be interesting to see how the world responds to Palestine if they go ahead and declare themselves an independent state. I completely agree that Palestine deserves to be recgonised as an independent country a hell of a lot more than Kosovo did but am intrigued as to what certain countries who supported Kosovo will say.

Personally I think Kosovo is just the first of many areas which will claim full independence and soverignity in the coming years because of this move and the backing it's received. Just waiting to hear any moves in Spain next - although I'm sure the seperatist states in Georgia will get there before the Basque region as they'll be heavily backed by Russia to make the move to spite and test the western-backed Kosovo departure.

Palestinians "May Declare State" (BBC News Online; Wednesday 20th February 2008)