March 14th, 2008

To Do....

....or maybe a quiet Friday night

It is a very real possibility that I won't be going out this evening. I wok up with a bad headache and not feeling all that well and as the days gone on none of that has changed.

I feel exhausted and still have loads of unpacking to do this weekend. Plus money is very tight due to all the moving related expenses (note to self: get money off housemates for the Maris clearence fees...).

As much as I would love to go out and play this evening I think I should be a grown up and have an easy evening sorting out things at the new house, a reasonably early night, followed by a good days work tomorrow sorting out more boxes and getting things on shelves (plus trying to buy a new desk for my PC and paperwork to live on).

Sunday is Gameforce which I'll at be at briefly (for about 2-3 hours) before heading home and, er, yeah - sorting out more boxes.