April 1st, 2008

Old Friend

Spiderwick, Vagabonds and Dead Beavers...

Vagabonds was a great night on Saturday. Plenty of people, lots of good music and perhaps a bit too much alcohol - although I managed to wake up nice and early (especially consdering the change from GMT to BST which meant we lost an hour) and get to the cinema on Sunday morning to see The Spiderwick Chronicles with Jasmina, Toos, Dave F and Marysa.

Spiderwick is only the third film I've seen on the big screen this year - which is a terrible record considering how many I usually see a  year. Time just hasn't been my friend in the first three months and I've been too busy (or on more than one occasion asleep or in bed until Saturday afternoon) to get to the cinema much. Spiderwick is a good family fantasy film though that kids and adults would enjoy. Freddie Highmore once again has really impressed me and I think he is one of the best child actors around at present. He was absolutely fanmtastic in both Finding Neverland and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and in Spiderwick he does a great job playing the roles of twins Jared and Simon. Although I have just been amazed at the unconfirmed rumours that Sarah Bolger (who plays mallory in the film - the sister) who is 16 is currently pregnant with Freddie Highmore's baby (who is 15) after they started dating during filming. There seems to be some quite heated debate about it on the net too (which has just extended the time it's taken me to write this post reading through some of it looking for any kind of substanciated links).

After a trip to Nando's for lunch and some internet surfing for a pending holiday (my first in over 6 years which hasn't involved games-orientated events or a weekend break) I enacted Part 1 of my 'save money and buy less stuff' plan of 2008. This being rejoining Blockbusters and renting films instead of buying them on DVD. I'll still buy the occasional DVD but only for TV Series or films I KNOW I'll watch more than once, otehrwise it's renting them. I saw Eastern Promises on Sunday with sinbadsilk and it's a really good, albeit rather brutal in places, film. Viggo Mortensen is brilliant in it and Naomi Watts is also very good (and cute). It's a Russian gangster film set in London and is well worth watching if you can take some rather heavy violence. It certainly gave me a few more ideas for when I next play McHeath in a game :p

We also have a fifth member of the household who moved in very early on. His name is Shut-Up Beaver which anyone whose been over will have no doubt already been introduced to. He has born the brunt of many insults and innuendos since arriving here and has deflected the attention away from Uncle Gabby (our oversexed Sock Monkey and Uberboss)  who has been rather silent which is always a bad sign. Anyway, when I got home this evening it looks like either Shut-Up Beaver had finally had enough of the house already or, which I suspect is more the case, Uncle Gabby had had enough of Shut-Up Beaver. In anycase I found him dangling from the chandelier in the living room having been hung by a USB wire and with suicide note...

There may be some more Beaver news coming shortly...

Also here's a photo of me from Vagabonds on Saturday which d_floorlandmine took:

I might turn that into a new icon actually...
Angus May 2005

Isle of Man Question

Jasmina and myself are thinking of going to the Isle of Man for a weeks holiday but we have a question for those that might be better informed than us.

The Isle of Man, whilst being a British Protectorate, has it's own Parliament, etc. What we need to know is are there any Visa requirements needed for non-UK/EU people travelling to the Isle? I know UK citizens don't need anything and we will be travelling from a UK airport (and Jasmina has already been UK Immigration and has a valid Visa for the UK) and I believe travelling from the UK or Republic of Ireland to the Isle of Man is fine without additional Visa's for non-Irish/British people if they've cleared Irish/UK customs. But I need to know for sure.

So, do any of you lovely folk have any knowledge of any requirements?