April 18th, 2008

Old Friend

GameCamp: London Saturday 3rd May

The Guardian have organised 'GameCamp' in London on Saturday 3rd May. It's an open floor, open discussion forum for people to come and talk about a wide range of various gaming activities and philosophies from computer games, tabletop games, RPGs, ARGs, Bord Games, etc.

The day is being broken down into a number of slots which people can book to run talks/discussins in the various rooms avallable. These talks will be interspersed by 15 minute commu al breaks plus lunch and drinks laid on by The Guardian, Sony and Nintendo.

A number of 'industry guests' will be at the event to bring their expertise, knowledge and ideas to the programme. I know James Wallis (ex-Hogshead Publishing) and myself have been invited along and will both be attending.

Anyway, there are 120 limited places (currently about 87 left I believe after it was announced this morning) so if you have an interest in any aspect of gaming (all gaming branches are being covered) please have a look at there website and come and join us...

GameCamp 08 (The Guardian; Friday 18th April 2008)