April 22nd, 2008

Old Friend


Definetly off to France this weekend for GenCon Paris. I'm coaching oevr leaving Victoria at 10pm on Friday night to arrive in Paris at 6.30am. The show opens at 10am I believe and is only about 20 minutes by Metro from the coach station (with a couple of changes thrown in for good measure). After spending a busy day at the show I may grab a few drinks/meal with some French friends there before getting back to the coach station by 11pm for my coach back to London which gets me in at about 6am.

Then it's a trek back up to North London for a quick nap/shower and off to meet Jasmina and hopefully Dave an Marysa for a wander around Oriental City and some sushi for lunch or dinner. Ive never been to Oreintal City before and as it's closing down at the end of May I feel I should make the trip at least once (we actually have a second trip being organised after Gameforce on May 18th with Dave and Sean from work).

It's a real shame when places which are different, unique and interesting are shut down to make way for the same-old same-old shopping centres/business parks. The traders at OC have been told they can return to the new development once it's completed but that's estimated to be in 3-9 years time so realistically that's just not going to happen.

Anyway - France = YAY!

Although I've already failed my "Read French" roll today by getting directions to the venue wrong when I initially checked. It's been a long old time since I read French to any degree and longer since I spoke more than a few words. Still, it's an adventure for the weekend - plus I get a couple of ferry trips to boot :)