May 15th, 2008

Cubicle 7


I get to read a number of companies Press Releases and news Blogs during the course of work (and am interested in what's going on in the games industry anyway) and am always intrigued when people talk about licenses. Largely because of the licenses that we, as Cubicle 7, have gone for, are interested in one day going for, or are currently in negotiations about.

One of the hot topics is always Mongoose Publishing and their 'Holy Grail' comments (which I've mentioned over the last couple of years on this blog at times). Their initial 'Holy Grail' license seems to have never materialised for whatever reason - and what it was was never announced - so imagine my interest when I read the following from their latest blog:

"5. Some interesting things going on in licence land at the moment. For example, we recently took a trip down to London to discuss a _very_ big licence. Huge. I am pretty confident that we have absolutely no chance to succeed in grabbing this one, and that we could not afford it if we had (we sell a lot of books, but not _that_ many!). It really is so far beyond Holy Grail, it is untrue. Still, we have been asked to submit an official proposal, so you never know. . ."

So "far beyond" what they thought of as the Holy Grail? Not being able to afford it if it does come off?

Now, as a small company, when we went for the Doctor Who license we really didn't expect we'd be able to afford it (we knew we had the talent and ability to make the pitch and do it if we managed to get it - but we thought the price would be *way* too high for our coffers). But we surprised everyone and got it.

We're also currently in negotiations for another major license and a second one which has the potential to be pretty damn big too. Certainly the first of these is something we never thought we'd have a chance at EVER getting our hands on - yet the company involved contacted us about it because of personal reccomendations and the owner having a prior knoweldge and professional relationship with me through Leisure Games.

Now I know a little about what 'licenses' are available on the market today. Licenses is something that we, as a company, are currently pretty heavily involved in across a variety of fields and that I've learnt a lot about in the last 12 or so months.

I really have no idea what license Mongoose could be talking about here both from the 'cost' point of view and also the 'larger than their Holy Grail' comments. I previously felt that there 'Holy Grail' would be something along the lines of Harry Potter (I still strongly think that was it), Lord of the Rings, Marvel or Star Trek. Although I'd debate whether or not Star Trek *is* a Holy Grail compared to something like Star Wars.

So what's the next step up from those that would 'dwarf' their previous Holy Grail?

Unless their previous Holy Grail wasn't an A-Lister in the first place.

Also, knowing how much they spent on acquiring the Babylon 5 license a number of years ago - and how much we spent on Doctor Who - and also comparing it to some quotes we were given on another major license a couple of months ago - I have no idea what would be *too expensive* compared to these (especially Mongoose's B5 license which cost a lot). Unless it is something like Harry Potter or maybe Lord of the Rings - or they are looking at acquiring a complete top-tier game line under license (and then the only one I can think of would be D&D itself now that Dark Heresy and Warhammer FRP are both with Fantasy Flight). Unless they are looking at licensing a game setting like Forgotten Realms or Greyhawk - but I can't see WotC parting with the Realms and I can't see Greyhawk costing more than Babylon 5 did!.

It'll certainly be very interesting seeing what they are gunning for if they do get it. I just hope we're not gunning for the same properties! And if we are, may the best company win :p
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Angus May 2005

Quick Birthday Plans Update

Everything is a bit last minute as I've just not had any time to properly arrange anything this year. As such the bulk of my birthday *partying* is going to take place next weekend over the Bank Holiday.

But here are the current plans:

Friday 16th May (actual birthday) having a few drinks at The Catcher on the Rye in Finchley Central from 8pm. If you're free and fancy coming along it'd be lovely to see you.

Sunday 18th May - Gameforce during the day (RPG/Board-Card Games Club see the LiveJournal Community for map and times) and then off to Colindale and The Orientl City's food court for dinner afterwards.

Saturday 24th May - Vagabonds Club in London Bridge - Got the date wrong. It's actually on Saturday 31st May so I won't be going as I'll be in Birmingham for UK Games Expo. Poo. I really like Vagabonds :( I'll have to see what else can tempt me over the holiday weekend.

Sunday 25th May - Club Noir at The Electric Ballroom in Camden

So if anyone fancies it please come along :)