May 19th, 2008

Old Friend

Hybrid Embyro Research - Approved

Thank God for common sense and forward looking vision. This could really help a lot of lives in the future and I'm so glad that the fundies failed to influence the result. Now let's hope the next one goes through (Saviour Siblings), don't know enough about the following one (Role of fathers in fertility treatment) and certainly don't want the last ammendment to pass (a reduction in the abortion limit).

MPs Back Hybrid Embyro Research (BBC News; Monday 19th May 2008)

Religion should be kept out of politics at all levels in my opinion.

Plus people with religious views shouldn't preach them to others. I really don't mind religion - any religion - as long as the practioners don't try and ram their beliefs down your throat and as long as their practices don't harm anyone. I have friends from a whole variety of religions and friends with no beliefs at all. That's great and they're all great. I have my own beliefs and don't go out converting and shouting at people to change their ways and campaigning to get things changed just because it's my personal belief. I live my life to my belief. Quietly and let others live their lives to their beliefs. I don't feel so insecure that I have to trample any other idea down and force my personal beliefs on everyone else.

Anyway, ranting now. Will stop.

Did anyone else see the documentary on Channel 4 (I think) this evening about the fuindamental Christians? That was scarey.
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