May 29th, 2008

Old Friend

Forgotten Technology

Indiana Jones would be proud of me.

I'm using long lost technology at the moment. It's been with me for years but has largely been ignored for the best part of ten years or so. Partially because NuTech is just a lot easier and more compact and then because it stood unloved in a communual area that I rarely played music in and then because it was ravaged by marauding beasts (the cats ate through the speaker wires...).

Yes, I am listening to an LP on my Record Player.

I'm sure some of you younglings have never heard of such a relic!!!

But believe me the sound quality of a good record player is pretty much second to none and I refused to move to CDs for years until many of the things I wanted stopped being released on vinyl and CD was pretty much the only choice. Plus, to be fair, CDs are a lot easier to use - and iTunes is even easier than CDs so I can take a wild stab in the dark that some of you will be making a post similiar to this one in about 10-15 years time after dusting off your old CD Player :p
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Old Friend

Leisure Games Blog

The leisuregames Blog

In a moment of madness it was decided at last night's Staff Meeting that we would open up the Leisure Games Blog a bit more and expand it from just being our 'New Releases' Blog.

To be fair when we set the Blog up we had intended to use it a bit more to talk about games, forthcoming releases, events and general chit-chat about the shop and industry related matters. Time seemed to forever be curtailing those dreams and desires though.

So, from today we've opened the blog up to all our staff members to use so you can start expecting to see more activity and also get to know Sean, Dave and possibly even Mike (if we can pull him off Puzzle Pirates during his lunch break and time off :p) as well as me (Angus).

There's a host of things that we'll be looking at doing in the coming months - and not only on the blog - so keep an eye out and please let us know any comments about anything we do as feedback is always useful (both congratulatory and critical).

Anyway, Sean has already kicked off with a new post this evening and I'm sure the boys will be stopping by more in the coming days. I'll probably be dropping by again next week with the New Releases as usual and maybe even some pictures of the crew from UK Games Expo in Birmingham this weekend!

So if you're interested in the shop or the industry or just want to clutter your friends page even more please pop over to the leisuregames blog friend us!

Best wishes and Happy Gaming!

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