June 7th, 2008

Nail Bunny

My immunity from hang-overs appears to have vanished...

It's just gone 4pm, I've been working since 9am - and I have only just now managed to get rid of my headache/hang over.

I still feel sick though and am praying that today reaches 5.30 as soon as possible so I can get home and lay down.

I didn't think I drank that much last night but I'm paying for it (or some other karmic debt).

Had a very nice night with Aaron, Kitty, Tom and a host of other people new and old. The first DJ on the main floor of the Ballroom last night was brillaint and played some very good tunes. Unfortunately the beginning of Caroline Vein's (sp?) set killed the mood a bit as it sounded like the place had been transported to Ibiza or somewhere! Apparently the set got better but it drove a few of us out to the smoking area to chat and before I knew it the time had hit 2am.

Really not sure if I feel well enough to go to the gig this evening. I think I'd just be very ill if I tried right now but luckily have a few hours before I have to decide. Staying in and having an early night or watching a dvd with a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate in my slippers is sounding a much mroe attractive option tight now. Then tomorrow is BBQ Day - and I really want to be rid of any ill feeling by then as I'm not going to be able to get any peace in the house from 3pm til late!