June 9th, 2008

Old Friend

RIP: Erick Wujcik

I learnt this morning from an industry list that Erick Wujcik passed away. He'd been fighting cancer for some time and enetred a hospice early this year. His passing was sadly not unexpected as his health was in decline and it was announced a month or two ago that his time here was coming to an end.

It doesn't soften the blow though.

Erick was responsible for a number of games. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness was probably his best known although my favourite was the Amber Diceless RPG based upon the brilliant series of novels by Roger Zelazny which we played several campaigns of and is still one of my favourite games.

I met Erick once back in 1994 I think and he was quite happy to talk about Amber with me.

RIP Erick.
Angus Glastonbury

(Film Trip) The Incredible Hulk - North Finchley VUE - Saturday 14th June @ 11.30am

It's big green and mean!

And we're off to see it this Saturday morning!!!!

If anyone fancies coming along to see The Incredible Hulk this coming Saturday at North Finchley VUE we'll be going to the 11.30am performance. Arrange to meet outside the cinema ten minutes before then (so that's 11.20am folks ;p) and then *maybe* some Nando's or something afterwards (film finishes about 1.50pm) depending on hunger and afternoon plans.

I know Dave, Marysa and myself are up for it as I bumped into Marysa at lunch. This is the first time I've mailed you lot though and I haven't texted/facebooked yet so have no idea of numbers this time round.

So come along for some Marvel Mayhem if you're free!!!!