June 23rd, 2008

To Do....


I was kinda hoping for a relatively peaceful July in anticipation of a 'all hell for leather' August.

It seems July is going to be almost as busy.

In the next two months we have three conventions (one which will see us in the States for a week), I'm in Serbia atleast once (maybe twice), I have the weekender Fields of the Nephilim shows, sorting out the finishing touches of atleast two licensing deals and maybe a major third one plus continuing negotiations on some other projects. Sorting out Dragonmeet (although I have a team with me for that this year which is a Godsend!) and a host of other bits and pieces... including getting some books published!

I have a feeling I may not be the most socially active person in the near future. Although saying that I'm hoping to be at Vagabonds on Sunday (possibly my last club outting until September at this rate - apart from in Belgrade next month).
Old Friend

Track Your Partner...

There's a website available that will track down your partner (or anyone else for that matter) using the GPS on their mobile phone.

If you go to the site linked below and type in the mobile of someone (say your girl or boyfriend, someone at work, a parent - whomever) it will connect to their network and give you a pinpoint position as to where they currently are.

Talk about civil liberty infringements! This is the ultime stalker or psycho-ex partner's dream!