June 24th, 2008

Old Friend

Good Things/Irritating Things

There are good things and irritating things in life.

At present the path is hitting a number of the good things with only the occasional irritation.

So far today has seen the following:

Good things
+Me offered preview screening tickets for Prince Caspian
+A very nice joint-promotion offer at San Diego Comic-Con
+The new Dragonmeet Organising Team

Irritating Things
-Can't get to the screening of Prince Caspian due to it's timing and work commitments
-I'm not, and can't, make it to San Diego Comic-Con
-Problems involving an outstanding debt still owed to us from a company from last years Dragonmeet

There are lots of other good things and, if I had more time, we'd be able to move them from the 'good' catergory to the 'great' category. Time will come though - and sooner rather than later - because that's another good thing :p

Although from todays emails I reckon Cubicle 7 might be attempting to get into San Diego Comic-Con next year if feasible. Especially considering the license(s) we should have out and/or announced by then. So, [info]_tonylee_, get ready to have an extra party and smoozing party in the Britpack  if you're there again next year ;p