June 27th, 2008

Old Friend

Ouch... Poor New Labour...

Labour came fifth in the Henley by-election yesterday - down from third place at the last Henley election and with an 11% drop in votes. The Conservatives won (which was predictable as it's a very safe Tory seat) with the LibDems coming second followed by the Green Party, the BNP and then Labour - who lost their deposit.

John Howell: Conservative 19,796
Stephen Kearney: Lib Dems 9,680
Mark Stevenson: Green 1,321
Timothy Rait: BNP 1,243
Richard McKenzie:Labour 1,066
Chris Adams: UKIP 843

In other news last year 62% of people thought Labout would win the next general Election and the same survey now shows that figure has falled to 16% with 67% believing The Conservatives will be the next government. The same poll said that 21% felt that Gordon Brown was a liability to the Labour Party when he took office a year ago - that figure now stands at 61%.

Gloomy reading for Labour, although their overall rating has now gone up to 28%, whilst the Conseravtives have dropped 1% down to 46%. The LibDems aren't doing very well either - dropping 3 points down to 15%!

Rough times ahead I feel...
Old Friend

Terminal 5

I was at Terminal 5 at the crack of dawn this morning to see Jasmina off as she's headed back to Belgrade for a month or so (well, hopefully a month or so - visa's dependant). It's the first time I've been to Heathrow's new Terminal since it opened and must admit I liked it. It was very clean, well-lit and spacious.

Although having a bar called 'Love Juice' was a bit disconcerting :p