July 9th, 2008

Old Friend

Monsoon Season

Well, apparently Britain is getting a months worth of rain in one day today. It certainly felt like it in London with the local papers declaring that we've been hit by a "mini-monsoon".

So traversing London this afternoon was an extremely wet experience. Made even more frustrating by the traffic being dire and the bus taking a lot longer than usual due to this. This meant that I arrived at The Foreign Office at 3.35pm to find that they closed at 3.30pm. This is extremely annoying and I'm now having to find out when I can reschedule a trip down there - especially as they've also told me I might have to wait for posisble two hours for my request to be processed if it's a "bad day". Of course if it's a "good day" then I might be done and dusted in 20 minutes.

Still, I managed to collect the various concert tickets I had held for me so the trip wasn't entirely in vain. But now it's coming up to 7pm and I have the rest of the days tasks to try and complete. Happy happy joy joy.