July 10th, 2008

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Comic Writers/Artists - Rates

I'm reposting this for a friend - if you work in the industry (and I know at least several of you do) I'd appreciate some info/guidelines on rates if possible. I'm screening comments so they will remain hidden and will pass the info along without names attached.

Many thanks - Angus


I know this isn't very RPG based, so if anyone can contact me off list with some rough ideas for comic writers / artist rates per page, that'd be great.  A colleague of mine has been offered a business plan/proposal and we wanted to check if their rates are realistic.  Any information would be completely anonymous when given to them.

Thanks in advance.


I will also amit to being interested in knowing various rates too for a possible future project we have lined up. Cheers again, Angus
Cubicle 7

Starblazer Adventures

drivingblind has just posted a preview of the front/back cover for our next release - Starblazer Adventures!

The covers not 100% finished yet so a few bits might change, but it's looking very good.

Starblazer Adventures is a MONSTER of a book. It's over 600 pages long making it one of the biggest RPG core books produced (The Hero System 5th Edition is about 600 pages for comparison). It's jam packed full of stuff though - and has tons of artwork from the Starblazer comic series published by DC Thompson in the late 70's through to early 90's.

Our supplements for the book - including a fantasy edition - will be alot smaller though. I think doing one 600+ page is enough for any company (doing more could result in multiple nervous breakdowns I think...).

Anyway, here's the preview...

Old Friend


This years ENnie Award Nominations have been announced and, once again, a host of my friends have got products they worked on/created/published nominated.

Last year Dom and myself attended the Award Ceremony with Valerie and Florant from French company 7eme Cercle who we'd just been to dinner with and finalised the deal that meant we would be taking over publication of not only QIN: The Warring States but their other games in English. QIN was up for 5 awards and ended up collecting two Sivers (Best Interior Art and Best Game) which was a really great bonus too.

This year I have to give a big shout for The Book of Unremitting Horror (Gumshoe Edition) which is up for the Best Adversary/Monster product as it wsa devised by my housemate and great friend daver2323! Well done Dave!

The full list of ENNIE NOMINATIONS can be FOUND HERE!